Cheapest Solar Panels Guide

Congratulations on your decision to search for alternative ways to generate the energy necessary to power your life. By reviewing our website, you have already started changing the flow of energy affecting you.

You accomplished this by simply stepping in and taking control over who and what generates change and power in your life. There are many choices for energy sources available. Most people go their entire lives without questioning who or what provides the energy needed to fuel their daily needs. They passively accept exorbitant heating or air-conditioning bills that fluctuate from month to month with a shrug, and keep toiling away to pay the pile of power and energy bills.

Solar Panels

You have decided to take an active role in searching for the best source of energy and power available to meet your needs in life. Undoubtedly, you have researched many traditional as well as innovative methods in your quest to find the ideal source of energy available to you. By now, you have likely seen sources of energy that are impractical as well as unaffordable to all but the wealthiest of families. Many traditional sources of energy have started to creep into an uncomfortably high cost range, while becoming less reliable at the same time. Rolling blackouts threaten families and put lives at risk when the power grid is bogged down. Over the past several years, weather extremes have started to become the norm, rather than the extreme! It used to be that only scientists and environmentalists were the only people aware of this trend. It was easy to dismiss their concerns as overreactions to a world that operated in predictable cycles. Now, it has become apparent to even the most egregious users of power and the highest polluters that our climate has changed to the point where nearly everyone is concerned about the effects those changes may have in their lives.

What used to be referred to as ‘The Solar Revolution’ is now being touted as ‘The Solar Solution’. Nearly all of us have a hand held calculator. If you look at the corner of that little calculator, you will see an excellent example of a solar cell. That little household item manages to regenerate its’ own power from the little sliver of daylight it may see! Most of us toss it in a drawer, never giving a thought to the specific way it works, because it almost always continues to work. Pretty amazing when you really think about it, isn’t it? That little calculator that you probably picked up at a dollar store somewhere, then tossed in a drawer, is still working with no further costs involved from your bank account. When a much larger version of that calculator was first released, it could only do about four simple equations, it cost several hundred dollars, but the idea of using solar cells to run a calculator was mind boggling at the time. It works using photovoltaic (PV) cells. To put that in plain English, photo means light, voltaic means electricity. So PV cells use light to make electricity, or generate energy.

Enough of the history lesson, we presume you understand how solar panels are grown-up versions of that little solar cell. We are here to provide you with the equivalent of that little PV cell running your calculator into bigger versions running your house, your swimming pool, your garden lights, and anything else you can think of in your life that grows its’ own energy from the sun. Most people think of solar panels for their homes is only for the very wealthy. That is exactly what people thought of that first little calculator. Not too many years ago, it was impractical for the average family to consider using solar panels on a larger scale. That is no longer the case. Solar panels are not simply affordable now, they are downright cheap. We do not mean cheap as in cheaply made. We mean cheap as in affordable, low cost, more bucks in your pockets kind of cheap!
According to research by the US Department of Energy, there are some common sense factors to consider when you consider solar panels as your energy system. Those factors include factoring how much solar energy potential is available on your rooftop, and whether to purchase a do-it-yourself solar panel kit, or ordering your solar panels and having someone else do the installation.

No matter how big your solar panel project may be, we are prepared to meet the terms of your order. If you are a homeowner in a small environment, we will prepare your order and fill it as carefully as the order from that billion-dollar hotel. You can be assured that you will receive the best materials, manufactured with quality control and expertise, at the absolute rock bottom cheapest price available on the planet. We will ship your product directly to you after taking great care in packaging your solar panels to arrive in pristine condition.

We have the solutions available for any choice you make regarding your solar panels. We have made it our quest to locate the best materials available for each item needed on your solar panel checklist. Once we located the best materials, we embarked on effective ways to cut out all the companies clamoring to be the ‘middleman’. Our team brainstormed deep into the night (by the light of our solar panels) to slash prices to the absolute lowest cost to you, our customer. We decided we did not need that fancy showroom. We cut out the cost of hiring sales staff to hang around on a showroom floor waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting passersby. After considerable comparison-shopping, we determined that would be the most prudent choice to be our showroom. No brick and mortar building could compare with the sleek lines and energy-saving values offered by We are proud to team with to best feature our products at the cheapest costs you have ever seen for solar panels and their related accessories.